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Log 3! 11/30/16

or how my life got crowded out by a telepathic breakfast chef.

This week’s adventure is sponsored by the Dragon Sleeping Inns. “We’re everywhere, and if we aren’t yet, we will be soon.”


Scout’s Report 11/30/13.8X10^9>Rathael project>The Lowlands>R235.

Flagged: Important

We are monitoring a group that appears to have intersectional goals to ours. This is the party mentioned in M’s Report on the area yesterday.

This morning the party woke up to the news that their traveling partner Sildar Hallwinter’s informant Iarno Albrek has gone missing. Sildar believes that the RedBrand Bandits are responsible for the abduction.

The party used the secret entrance into the manor which I believe was found from the interrogation of a bandit the night before. upon entering this tunnel I became acutely aware of a telepathic communication from a proximal aberration located in this chamber. This Seemed to disturb the party, but they did not engage, what I found to be a Nothic, at this time.

They instead took a path up some stairs towards a barracks and common room. The Fighter, Tair, kicked the door open, which seems to have landed on one of the two bugbears interrogating a Goblin named Droop. The skirmish ended pretty swiftly with the ranger, Nyornd, dispatching the final bugbear with an expertly fired crossbow bolt. This Bugbear’s Head exploded. Everywhere. all the while the players, and even the walls were chanting, “More holes! More holes!” Droop said what I was thinking, “So much blood” 

Droop informed the party that he and the bugbears were sent by [[Cragmaw ‘Corporated]] to help GlassStaff with his population control in Phandelyn. Droop said he wasn’t allowed to know the path from the Castle but the bugbears knew. he also explained the layout of the next two rooms as best he could. Billy, The Rogue, got an eyepatch. and Tair found a master key.

The party went through the next door to find four bandits gambling. The party managed to convince them that they were new recruits. One Bandit outed themself as a kinky sub Type (I left your number Lil ;P). Billy joined the bandits in a game of liar’s Dice and gambled two rounds—failing fist and winning big second. By this time the other bandits were very drunk and all passed out. A quick scan showed that they had been poisoned.

The party moved on to the next door. Billy tried to stealthily open the door but alerted a rat familiar, which scurried off into the adjacent room. They entered what seemed to be an apothecary workshop. There was a setup to make invisibility potions. There was also a book about the history of Site #R235 “Wave Echo Cave” that Broan read and pocketed. 

In the next room stood GlassStaff prepared to battle the party, however he was instantly intimidated by an illusory succubus with a deer skull advancing towards him. He proceeded to spill the beans about everything he knows. He told us that The Black Spider was the one who sent droop and the bug bears. Also that he is a Drow, and that he is searching for Wave Echo Cave to find the “Forge Of Spells”. He revealed that GlassStaff was not his leagal name, that his name was truly Iarno Albrek, the very man they were told was missing by sildar this past morning. He gave some other information and made a huge ass of himself before telling “his guests” that he couldn’t let them leave here alive. 

The party incapacitated him handily. 

He, and the drunk bandits were taken to the town master for a reward. But not before the party decided to face the Nothic in the cavern. The Nothic revealed itself to be a fan of riddles (a unique trait) and to have a proficiency in making muesli. (This was some of the finest muesli I have ever tasted, Lil.) Arranis, the Druid, spouted a choice riddle that was breakfast themed which remarkably destroyed the Nothic, reducing it to no more than a pile of dust. The party looted the chest finding an ancient sword that had belong to a regional hero. In this short time they managed to line their pockets. 

As I said they turned the bounty in and got some gold and some mystic objects which seem to have hidden properties. 

They then headed out a ways to the Ruins of Thundertree to seek out the Emerald Enclave Druid, Rei. Thundertree is home to Twig Blights and zombies, both of which were easily dispatched by the party. In a small cottage in the south of the ruins that seemed better preserved than the others, the party met Rei, who welcomed them in despite being complete strangers in a town of zombies. (She’s real trusting.) She answered questions pertaining to the location of Cragmaw’s Kaytetty Castle and Wave Echo Cave. But did not reveal the location of Wave Echo Cave, instead offering to guide the party there if they took care of something for her. 

A dragon recently took roost in a tower at the edge of town, and some cultists have started worshiping it. She would like the dragon scared away for the safety of neighboring communities. The party agreed. 

I will draft a new report as events continue to transpire. 

Over and out,




Mx_Quinn Mx_Quinn

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