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November, 16th 2016

First we made characters:

Nyornd—halfling ranger
Broan—hill dwarf cleric
Arranis—half elf Druid 
Tair—celestial fighter
Billy—halfling rogue

Our adventure starts with each of our Heroes discovering letters mysteriously addressed to them. They are told to meet someone named [[Gundren Rockseeker]] in Neverwinter at the Dragon Sleeping Inn to discuss a job. 

When the heroes rolled up to the spot they all did a strange job of trying to observe the room and see what's going on. Nyornd jumped one inch in an attempt to clear 12 feet. Arranis made a stealth roll that everyone saw but they seemed to feel confident and everyone else managed to basically be a normal person in a bar. They find Gundren, a well dressed dwarven man, at a table on the second floor loft. Broan tried to smoothly pull out a chair but made a good deal of noise. 

He tells the heroes that he will pay them to transport some goods to Phandelyn a day and a half's ride away. He is heading out this evening to get some business attended to. He will be traveling with  [[Sildar Hallwinter]]. Our heroes introduce themselves (Arranis did not) and ready for the morning journey. They take the cart from the stables and set out in the high road.  

Half a day in they spot some goblins looting  some dead horses 50ft ahead of them. The party ties off their wagon and then begins conflict with them. Nyornd misses a few shots. Broan touches one and it is purged from existence. Tair finds hidden goblins in the woods and manages to banish one goblin from this plane and destroys the other while it was trying to escape the scene. 

Billy inspects the horses and finds remnants of Gundren's clothes and a trail that looks like it is used frequently by the goblins for ambushes. 

Where does this goblin trail lead? What happened to Gundren and Sildar? Tune in next week to Phaser!



[[B.B. King]] is in world, he is the king of battle brook, he has a great rock n roll band. 

stationary trees, leaves of envelopes and letter heads, also don’t move in wind. 


Mx_Quinn Mx_Quinn

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