Phaser Phantasy Phun Tyme

Log 2! 11/23/16


Today’s adventure brought to you by Cragmaw ‘Coporated. When you think Kidnapping and Conniving, Think Cragmaw. 


We find our heroes walking towards the Cave mouth of Cragmaw Hideout. Arranis offered to stay with the Cart to make sure that it would be safe on the road alone. Inside of the cave we find a kennel of wolves, a long dark path, and an overpass with a goblin on it. 


The goblin goes to take a puff of his cigarette, and get this, as he inhales this huge burst of Sacred Flame takes the life right out of him. He falls off the overpass and floats gently into that forever sleep sea. About this time Arranis sees the body of a goblin float down stream as she approaches the cave and catches up with the party. 


After some dickering the two halflings, blind in the darkness, only able to see the faint light of torches filtering through the tunnel heading to the break room. As they approached they each snuck forward and tried to pop off a shot at The beefier goblin. Billy missed, catching the goblin’s attention who, to his  surprise, bumps the arrow out of the air. He says, “You best get out of here.” and Billy said “yeah, you’re right?” Nyornd did just about as well prompting the goblin to question if it was Oregon Country Fair season already. 


Tair approached this goblin and started a conversation. his name is Yeemik, and apparently the company he works for—Cragmaw ‘Coporated—recently hired a new Regional manager and relocated him here. Now, Yeemik was up for that promotion but got passed up. He said there's more than one way to move up in the world and things the party can help grease the bearings for him, if you know what he means. 


Billy went ahead to help yeemik make his corporate dreams happen. He managed to convince Klarg, the standing regional manager, that he was being promoted to the castle. He tells klarg to run up to the guard and say, "I'm here to kill the king!" That's the password. Klarg, a bug bear, takes off hooting and hollering towards his fate. 


The party returns to yeemik to report the good news and get some much needed info on gundren. Billy kills Yeemik. The party retrieves sildar and they venture forth to phandelyn. 




In phandelyn they return the cart to barthen for their money. then they go to the Inn. 


They learn about a wizard near a well, a band of bandits named the redbrands, a young dragon nearby, and some other local happenings. Oh and cragmaw castle. Quinn did too many voices and fucked up her ability to talk. She learned from this. There was a really forward Farmer who just started sharing information about something going on in town. Billy didn’t like this—This broke Billy. 


The party decides to go take a look at the other tavern, which turns out to be full of dicks wearing dumb red bandanas! they attacked the party, the party fought back. Quinn panicked, having doubled the difficulty of the encounter accidentally. the party dispatched the bandits, most of whom fled. Tair decided to interrogate one of the poor dudes who divulges the way into their hideout.


Whats going on in that sweet hideout? Is it a raging college party? There’s gonna be a final, for someone.. NEXT TIME ON PHASER PHANTASY PHUN TYME!


Mx_Quinn Mx_Quinn

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